Count the Cost of a Divorce

If you are thinking right now I am considering a divorce, but I am just reading this for the fun of it my mind is already made up. I would ask are you releasing yourself from the Marriage or has God released you? Do you fully understand and have researched the effects that divorce will have on your children and even you. Perhaps, seek out a Godly Married Woman in your church, who you admire and trust for counsel. I know you have seen the movie War Room. Seek out a Miss Clara in your church who can provide you with Godly counsel. Be willing to treat her to a meal for these sessions if it takes place outside of the home. Pray and ask God to speak to you through her, as you continue to spend time with Him one on one daily.

I personally think people are so quick to say let's get a divorce, without even thinking of the after effects. I was married for 20 years. I have been divorced for almost 4 years. I can admit that I never had a clue of the pain associated with a divorce. The pain I would endure and especially my child. I think people are quick to ask for a divorce without exhausting all possibility of possible healing and restoration of the marriage. Also, I never hear people take responsibility for their own actions that could have been better as a spouse.

Would you say that your husband is solely responsible for the reason you want a divorce? Are you a Godly wife?

What type of wife are you. I believe answering this brief Quiz can help you get more clarity on the Christian wife you are. Please answer each question YES or NO :

Do you have an active and growing relationship with God ______

Do you make time to read the Bible Daily _____

Do you seek God in your decision making _____

Do you take your marriage concerns to the Lord in prayer _____

Do you cover your husband in prayer daily _____

Are you a trustworthy wife ______

Are you always upset or angry ____

Do you take time to pray about the people in your husband's circle at work & outside of work

Do you take time to keep your appearance attractive _____

Do you make sure your home is clean and neat _____

Is your home a welcoming place for your husband to come home to _____

Are you a good Stewart of the money the Lord gives you ______

Do you ever compliment your husband about the things you appreciate that he does ___

Are you prepared to do all that's needed to improve your marriage _____

It is your responsibility to cover your husband and family in prayer on a regular basis. Pray for him in areas he may not consider praying about. You see him connected to someone that you feel is pushing him in the wrong direction, don't just watch PRAY!

Now let's grade your answers. There is no answer sheet. Based on each answer you give ask yourself would God say that is a great answer or no. Grade it on God's standards. Even if you don't really know the Bible well. Just ask the question, 1) Do you have an active and growing relationship with God? No. Would God be pleased with that answer, if not mark it N.I. (Needs Improvement). Continue on with each question and your responses. Then grade yourself based on the number of N.I. You received. If you see that you need improvement in many areas seek the Lord to help you to improve. Thankfully he is always willing and waiting to hear from you!

After learning that you are not the perfect Christian wife you thought you were, can you pray about your marriage before making any decisions.

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