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This 7 Day Devotional Prayer Book is designed to not only allow the married woman to read but requires you to do some work on you. It is the author’s prayer that you will respond, seek the Lord, reflect, apply and practice.  It is for the married woman who is determined to fight for her marriage and not give up. As it will also encourage married women whose marriage is not currently in a storm to pray strategically before a storm comes. It will reveal to the wife areas that she may have neglected to pray about for her spouse, family and herself.
PROSTRATE BEFORE HIM  $12.99 Print/ $2.99 Kindle
ISBN- 1419616617

This is an inspirational story about Lisa, a wife who loves God, who has been praying many years for her husband's salvation. She has finally had enough of her husband's disappointments. In the past, Lisa has always waited on God's direction in all of her decisions. This time she decides to take matters into her own hands in fear that God may not be in agreement with her. Before making her decision Lisa is faced with a temptation of her own. Her husband, Christopher always tells everyone how much he loves his wife and son. He even tells the women that he dates. His best friend, Tyrone works extra hard to keep him away from the things of God and Christopher does not seem to mind. Satan desires to destroy families. However, a praying wife has the power and authority to win every battle on her knees. Is this praying wife going to give up before the battle is won?

STAND ALONE Part One (A Christian teenage series Part One, Two and Three on also)
TEENAGERS LOVE THIS BOOK!!! HAVE THEM/YOU READ PART ONE FREE...CLICK BELOW Stand Alone is a story about an honor roll senior. Jill Owens is proud of her accomplishments thus far. She is even prouder to be on her way to graduating high school as a virgin. She looks forward  to finishing high school and going away to college. Her Christian parents have always taught her the importance of abstinence. Her best friend Stephanie feels that she should be everything, but proud of being on her way to graduating high school as a virgin. Darnell (Dee) Thomas, the NBA’s number one high school draft pick of the year, asks Jill on a date. Jill is not at all impressed by his popularity in the school or the fact that he is on his way to the NBA. Stephanie works hard to encourage her best friend to accept the date with Dee. Reluctantly, Jill finally agrees to go on a date with him.  

Win Your Single Battles on Your Knees by Terri Smalls


This book will minister to women who are currently not married and even to some that are. It will minister to the insecurities that women deal with. It will minister to the woman who thinks she is less than, because she is not married.  It will minister to women who currently don’t know their true worth and value of who they are. Not knowing our worth is dangerous. Women that don’t know their own worth will accept anything in relationships, careers, and many other areas of life. Many women walk the world looking for a man who would just say he loves her, no matter how he treats her. Therefore, not even knowing the true definition of love. When a woman knows her true worth and value, she will then make wiser decisions. She will then have a standard that she is not willing to deny and a door that not everyone can pass through. However, she must FIRST spend time at the Father’s feet receiving a revelation of her true worth and value. Strangely enough, it is a revelation that many have not received.

When Couples Love God First, They Love each other BetterBy Terri Smalls

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On these BLANK PAGES (50 blank pages), invite God to use your journaling experiences to draw you closer to him and help you grow. Ask Him to use your journaling to help you discover more about both him and yourself. Journaling has the power to help you see the beauty of God at work in your life experiences. When you express your thoughts and feelings in a journal, you’ll be surprised by how much you discover about God in the process. A lot will also be received when God leads you back in the future to revisit what was once written. Start with prayer. Remember, no rules apply to journaling. You can make this your own. You set your own rules and just let it flow. Bask in his presence, word by word, line by line and enjoy your time with him.

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